Real Estate Taxation

Helping Clients Achieve Long-term Real Estate Tax Savings

Commercial, industrial and residential property owners know that real estate tax matters can be quite daunting. It is difficult understanding assessment cycles, deadline schedules and knowing the impact a new assessment may have on subsequent tax bills. It is vital to understand exactly how and, importantly, when it is most opportune to file an appeal.

Golan Christie Taglia offers the expertise to help you address these challenges. Primarily, we strive to achieve tax savings through assessment appeals by seeking a reduction in the underlying market value for the property. In some cases, we can help a client qualify for a specific exemption.   

In addition, we can also help:

  • Correct property characteristic errors made by Assessor’s Offices which impact assessments
  • Pursue vacancy-based tax relief for businesses struggling to lease property or in between leases
  • Provide delinquent tax help for those who have had real estate taxes sold for delinquency and need to redeem the amounts before losing the property through a Circuit Court Matter   

Advantages of Working with Christie Taglia

Many assessment appeal firms are volume driven; some tend to take on as many appeals as possible without taking the time to understand each property owner’s unique circumstances. Golan Christie Taglia provides a focused approach with each client, tailoring a solution that best fits your specific needs.

We strive to achieve reductions in each of the three years of an assessment triennial — most other firms focus on only the first year. Our contingent fees reflect this approach: rather than a single contingent fee in the first year of a triennial, we can offer a lower contingent fee for each year of representation.

In addition to savings, Golan Christie Taglia attorneys are responsive and provide outstanding service. They can be reached at any time to discuss results, pending appeals or any other concerns our clients may have.

Real Estate Taxation Team