Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Golan Christie Taglia is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion – both within the firm and throughout our communities – in an effort to build a more diverse and inclusive legal profession.

We believe employing individuals with varying perspectives and diversity of thought and experience enables us to understand clients’ needs and objectives. This is vital to our ability to provide the best possible legal advice and counsel.

In short, a diverse workforce is essential to our success.


A commitment to diversity and inclusion is embraced throughout the firm. To further support and enhance this mission, GCT has formed a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, led by Brianna Golan. This initiative gives structure and a voice to advance diversity, equity and inclusion goals, invest in team members and develop programs to further strategic priorities.

GCT’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee meets regularly to discuss diversity, inherent and unconscious bias, the importance of language in the workplace and to create proactive measures the firm can take to remain dedicated to its commitment to diversity.

The Committee has also initiated firmwide training programs on topics including diversity education, transgender and gender non-forming awareness and acceptance, civility training, cultural competency training and creating an inclusive workplace.

Recently, the Committee has continued its discussion of diversity and its impact on society by examining the PBS documentary Asian Americans, embraced Pride Month as a catalyst for education on the injustice the LGBTQ+ community has faced and celebrated the accomplishments of the firm's women attorneys in building a workplace where women are encouraged and supported in their drive to thrive.


Fully embracing diversity allows us to draw from varied perspectives and communities and to attract the very best talent to our ranks, thereby providing excellent service to clients.

We provide the highest level of client service, in part, by putting together teams who bring a creative approach to solving problems.

Diversity comes in many forms. GCT is committed to recruiting, hiring and promoting employees with diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, physical ability and sexual orientation identities that allows us to create an environment where opportunities to succeed are available to all.

While disparities in gender equity among lawyers and firm management continue to plague many law firms, GCT is proud of the impact our women attorneys have made to the firm and legal industry at large. In addition, more than half of our attorneys are women and 50% of our equity partners are women.


Being committed to diversity, equity and inclusion extends beyond the walls of our firm’s office. Our attorneys regularly serve on a wide range of charitable organization boards and volunteer their time and resources to many worthy groups and causes devoted to furthering missions around the advancement of a diverse global society.