With so many law firms to choose from, our clients tell us they selected -- and have stayed with -- Golan Christie Taglia for the following reasons:

Highly-Experienced, Dedicated Lawyers

Many of our lawyers have worked in the business world. Many have MBAs and CPAs. As a result, they understand the client’s perspective and their needs and challenges of operating a business and protecting their personal wealth.

Responsiveness and Easy to Understand Communications

Offering a hands-on approach with every client, we pride ourselves on our unrelenting efforts to provide outstanding service. Our attorneys are very approachable and communicate with clients in a down-to-earth way.

A Long-Term Relationship

Golan Christie Taglia has a very low turnover rate of both clients and attorneys. Because our attorneys get to really know their clients and stay at their side for the long-term, we can provide more effective and efficient advice with each new challenge. As a result, we proudly serve 2nd and 3rd generations of business owners and families

Our Holistic, Collaborative Approach

We provide a broader perspective to problem solving; we’ll alert you how your current focus of legal concern may impact other areas that require attention. Our lawyers across different practice areas are continually consulting with each other, sharing ideas and finding solutions in the best interest of our clients.

Practical Solutions

Because we develop such strong relationships with our clients and understand their needs so well, we can recommend solutions that are affordable and realistic.

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