The super-powers of technology have decided to address the increasingly convoluted and confusing world of patents. Google, Amazon, Intel, Dell, Cisco, Oracle, Salesforce and Adobe are all on the same virtual page. Members of this illustrious group of tech companies recognize that innovation in the form of new and better products is fundamental to economic growth and American jobs. But, there is a “patent quality crisis” of baseless patent assertions and active patent troll litigation. So these tech super-powers have banded together to form the “High Tech Inventors Alliance” ("HTIA"). The goal is to advocate for a balanced patent policy both in the application process and in the courts. They intend to speak up when tech issues are debated in the courts, the Patent and Trademark Office and the media. You can visit their website at

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS. You’re not the only one. It’s easy to see the patent process as costly and uncertain. The members of HTIA recognize that the current state of patent prosecution and protection isn’t sustainable. HTIA has already commented on a House Judiciary IP Subcommittee Hearing about the effect of low—quality patents on innovation and economic growth. Hopefully, HTIA will continue the conversation.