Barclays Capital Inc. wants to register the trademark “Lehman Brothers” for brokerage services. You may recall that Barclays bought the brokerage services section of the disgraced Lehman Brothers. But Tiger Lily Ventures wants to register Lehman Brokers for wine and spirits. The two companies are now locked in opposition proceedings seeking to cancel each other’s intent to use applications for the same trademark. Most notable are the quotes coming from the Tiger Lily side. Barclay’s bought the name with the brokerage services. But Tiger Lily says that Barclay’s has done everything possible to distance itself from the Lehman Brothers brand; so how can it have an intent to use the trademark? Quoting Tiger Lily’s counsel: “Is Barclays really going to use 'Lehman Brothers' again for banking?” Garson asked. “For us that would make as much sense as using 'Edward Scissorhands' for intimate massage products. The name is just toxic, from a banking perspective.”

TAKE AWAY. This is a good example of trying to hold onto something that might not benefit your company. I have questions for both parties in this case. Barclays, does the infamous trademark build trust and confidence in your goods and services? Tiger Lily, why would a wine and spirits company want to use a "toxic" name for its products? The value of parody only goes so far.

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