Trade secrets are a good way to protect a recipe. Sycamore Family Bakery Inc. sold its assets to Bimbo Bakeries USA. Included in the assets was Sycamore’s secret recipe for Grandma Sycamore’s Home-Maid Bread. When Leland Sycamore went to work for US Bakery, US Bakery started selling bread made from the same recipe. US Bakery also mimicked Bimbo’s packaging. Bimbo sued for trade secret misappropriation and false advertising. A jury awarded Bimbo $2 million.

WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS. There are two primary lessons here. First, a properly protected trade secret has a lot of value. Trade secrets are pretty much the only way to protect a recipe. Second, when you sell your trade secret, you can’t use it anymore.

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