Ice Cream War

    Beverly A. Berneman

    Just in time for summer, Mister Softee gets its just desserts courtesy of a federal judge. %CUT% The war started when Dimitrio Tsirkos decided to rebrand his “Mister Softee” trucks as “Master Softee”, including mimicking the graphic of the delicious ice cream cone. Tsirkos was a former vendor of the venerated purveyor of the taste of summer. As a vendor, Tsirkos had to pay royalties. As a non-vendor, he got out of having to pay Mister Softee. Mister Softee sued and obtained an injunction permanently enjoining Tsirkos from operating his rogue ice cream trucks using confusingly similar branding. Tsirkos refused to surrender. He continued to operate his Master Softee trucks despite the injunction. A federal court judge held Tsirkos in contempt repeatedly and ordered him to pay $329,000.00 in damages. When he still wouldn’t stop, the court entered another order adding $287,258.00 in attorney’s fees and $52,605.00 in costs.

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