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Barbara L. Yong Examines the Gender Wage Gap with Chicago Access Network Television’s Political Forum

March 24, 2022

Barbara L. Yong recently appeared on CAN TV’s Political Forum to discuss the ever-present wage disparities between men and women in the United States and the existing legislation in place to protect from such inequities.

Throughout the interview, Barb emphasized that women still receive a lower salary compared to their male counterparts, despite policies in place to balance the scales. Citing her experience from her nearly 40-year career as trusted legal counsel and through her position as Founder of Equal Pay Day Chicago, an organization dedicated to achieve pay equity for women, Barbara provides insight into:

· The intersection of race, gender and wages

· Legislation preventing pay disparities

· Actions women can take to mitigate differences in income

“No one knows they’re being underpaid until it’s too late,” Barb explained. “Unfortunately, most women don’t know, and they don’t have the opportunity to ask.”

View the full interview here.

Barb focuses her practice on civil litigation and bankruptcy with nearly 40 years of litigation experience. Her representation of both debtors and creditors in complex bankruptcy matters creates a leading advantage for her clients in their business disputes.

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