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Barbara L. Yong’s Equal Pay Efforts Highlighted by Women Employed

April 4, 2023

Barbara L. Yong spoke about why she founded the Equal Pay Day Chicago Coalition 14 years ago and their efforts to promote equal pay for women and minorities in a recent feature by Women Employed in their “She Says” column.

By founding the Equal Pay Day Chicago Coalition, Barb aimed to raise awareness of the wage gap. The coalition, which has grown significantly since its inception, is composed of over 70 organizations, businesses and government agencies working together toward eliminating the wage gap.

The coalition holds rallies once per year that educate and empower employees and employers on the importance of paying all workers equally, regardless of gender and race. Additionally, the coalition promotes talking to others about salary negotiation, knowing your rights and advocating for your worth.

In the column, Barb provided five things women should do when negotiating their salary:

  1. Research salary ranges based on their job and experience level
  2. Be prepared to provide a salary range in an interview
  3. Be prepared to say no to an offer
  4. Take time to think about an offer before immediately accepting
  5. Know that everything is negotiable

To read the full article, see here.

Women Employed is a nonprofit advocacy organization focused on improving the economic status of women and removing barriers to economic equity. They effect policy change, expand access to educational opportunities and advocate for fair and inclusive workplaces.

Barb focuses her practice on civil litigation and bankruptcy with over 40 years of litigation experience. Her representation of both debtors and creditors in complex bankruptcy matters creates a leading advantage for her clients in their business disputes.

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