Donald T. Rubin Discusses Capitalization Rates and the “Income Approach” to Property Valuation

December 5, 2023

In a recent article in Tax Trends, partner Donald T. Rubin explores the intricacies of deriving capitalization rates while using the “Income Approach” in the process of calculating property value for real estate tax purposes. His article, entitled “The Use of Capitalization Rates in the Income Approach to Value,” outlines several key ideas, including methodologies for determining capitalization rates and why to consider financing sources.

For more information, read the complete article here.

Don serves as GCT’s Property Tax Assessment Practice Group Chair with more than 40 years of experience in property taxation. He represents the owners of commercial, industrial and large residential developments throughout Illinois.

Golan Christie Taglia, with 30 years of dedicated service, has consistently delivered successful outcomes while prioritizing top-tier quality and personalized attention for clients. With a diverse clientele that includes entrepreneurial ventures, high-net-worth individuals, middle-market businesses and nonprofit organizations, GCT stands as a strong and trustworthy firm for its clients.

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