Golan Christie Taglia Joins Race Judicata

September 14, 2023

Golan Christie Taglia was delighted to be an active participant in the Race Judicata's 5k run, which commenced in charming Lincoln Park. Our enthusiastic involvement was aimed at lending support to the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation in their mission to ensure the law works for all people.

The Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation is dedicated to extending vital, cost-free civil legal assistance to individuals with limited incomes and those who are part of the working class. Boasting a skillful team of over 2,500 dedicated volunteers, the foundation actively invites attorneys to join their efforts. They provide these legal professionals with invaluable support, comprehensive training, and the opportunity to engage in a diverse array of civil legal cases and matters.

Golan Christie Taglia, with 30 years of dedicated service, has consistently delivered successful outcomes while prioritizing top-tier quality and personalized attention for clients. With a diverse clientele that includes entrepreneurial ventures, high-net-worth individuals, middle-market businesses and nonprofit organizations, GCT stands as dependable.

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