Laura Balson Shares Insights on Potential COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates for Employees

January 26, 2021

Laura Balson discussed the latest guidance on what authority employers have in requiring vaccinations in a recent LinkedIn article “COVID-19 Vaccination Is Here; If the other parent will not vaccinate, will the courts stop parenting time?”

The article, penned by Chicago divorce attorney Kimberly Anderson, highlights the implications of possible vaccination mandates and their potential impact on employers, employees and families as the vaccine rollout continues to evolve.

Laura offered perspective on whether employers will have the authority to mandate the vaccine for their employees as a measure to keep their workforces safe from the spread.

“Given the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 and the obligation that employers have to keep their worksites safe for all employees, many employers will expect or even mandate that employees get vaccinated once the COVID-19 vaccine is widely available. While your employer can’t force you to get vaccinated, they can fire you for failing to do so, which means you’ll have to choose between getting vaccinated or no longer having a job.”

To read Laura’s perspective on the potential vaccine ramifications for employers and employees in the full article, click here.

Laura Balson is the Employment Practice Group Chair at Golan Christie Taglia, where she advises businesses on every aspect of employment issues, including litigating in state and federal courts and before numerous administrative agencies. Her practice focuses on providing day-to-day and in-depth employment counseling to business owners in various industries. Laura conducts employment practice audits to develop compliance plans for companies and their workforces, leads training sessions for managers, and also frequently speaks on employment law topics to audiences across the country.