More Cities And States Requiring Paid Sick Leave

While many employers already provide employees with paid sick leave, not every employer does so and some employers provide it to only certain workers. Currently, there is no law in Illinois that requires employers to offer paid sick leave. However, there is a growing movement across the country - including in Illinois – supporting mandatory paid sick leave for all employees.

On a statewide basis, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Oregon all now have laws requiring employers to provide hourly employees with paid sick leave that accrues based upon the hours that the employee works. Additionally, certain cities, including Washington D.C.; Seattle, WA; New York City; Tacoma, WA; Philadelphia, PA; Montgomery County, MD; and multiple cities in New Jersey have passed similar laws guaranteeing paid sick leave to all employees.

Other states and cities are following suit. For example, California’s Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act went into effect July 1, 2015. Under this Act, an employee that works in California for 30 or more days within a year is entitled to paid sick leave. This extends to any employee that works in California, even if employed by a non-California employer. If any of your employees spend more than 30 days in California per year, your company is likely covered by the new law.