Cook County Deadline to File for Property Tax Exemptions is Friday, August 4

July 27, 2023

The deadline is fast approaching for Cook County homeowners to apply for property tax exemptions. The most common exemption is the Homeowner Exemption, which can save a Cook County homeowner up to $950 per year. There are also exemptions available to seniors, returning veterans, people with disabilities and long-time homeowners. While many renew automatically, the “Senior Freeze,” Veterans with Disabilities and Long-Time Homeowner exemptions must be reapplied for every year. New homeowners, first-time applicants and those that need to reapply can do so at the Cook County Assessor’s Office website.

GCT regularly appeals property taxes for clients that own or lease commercial, industrial, or large multi-family properties. Property tax work is done on a contingent basis, meaning we only get paid if we are successful in reducing your taxes. GCT offers free property tax reviews to all new clients.

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