Do We Have To Train Employees To Spot Potential Sexual Misconduct?

June 1, 2014

In recent years, the number of sexual misconduct and abuse claims against colleges and universities, religious institutions and other organizations that regularly interact with minors, including summer camps and country clubs, have become more frequent and high-profile. In addition to the horrible impact on the victims of such abuse, the institution where the abuse occurred can have significant liability.

In many cases, standard general liability and employment practices liability insurance policies do not provide any coverage to the institution for such claims. As a result, many of these employers are seeking specific sexual misconduct coverage in stand-alone policies or as an endorsement to a general policy. In order to qualify for this coverage, the organization may be required to provide specific training to its employees on how to identify and prevent sexual misconduct. In addition to training, written policies and specific pre-hire background investigations may also be required.

If your organization regularly interacts with minors, it is wise to follow the lead of such insurance providers and institute sexual misconduct prevention policies and training for your employees and volunteers.

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