GCT Celebrates Black History Month

February 15, 2023

In honor of Black History Month and to focus attention on the contributions of African Americans to the United States, Golan Christie Taglia’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is hosting several events throughout February 2023 to promote anti-racism and honor Black history and culture.

Senior Associate Kimberlee Jones will lead a group discussion on “Racism Without Racists” by Dr. Eduardo Bonilla Silva, which documents how white people justify racial inequalities and examines America’s racial climate.

The committee will also host a special Thirsty Thursday on February 23, 2023, as well as a Soul Food lunch later this month. During these events, GCT will promote its commitment to embracing diversity, both within the firm and in the legal community.

In addition to acts of service and fundraising initiatives, the GCT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee meets regularly to discuss a variety of topics, including inherent and unconscious bias, the importance of language in the workplace and tangible ways to remain committed to enriching diversity. The committee has also initiated firmwide training programs on diversity education, civility training, cultural competency training and encouraging an inclusive workplace for all.