GCT Achieves Successful Alternative Dispute Resolution Result Before Rabbinic Court

July 15, 2021

Golan Christie Taglia attorneys successfully represented a kosher caterer before a Beit Din, which is the Rabbinic Court of the Chicago Rabbinical Council. The Beit Din hears and resolves cases involving Jewish law and financial disputes. The ultimate resolution in favor of GCT’s client determined the rights and liabilities of the parties under their contract and for copyright and trademark infringement.

The dispute involved a controversy regarding claims and counterclaims of breach of contract wherein GCT client Danziger Kosher Catering USA LLC granted rights to a third party to use the ‘Danziger’ name and rights to certain existing customer agreements for catering events in the Midwest.

Several disagreements arose out of the partnership including failure to meet expected margins of profit, discrepancies between the amounts that the third party were expected to pay Danziger and numerous other disputes regarding the interpretation of the contract. Danziger terminated the agreement for refusal to pay invoices, underpaid invoices and failure to pay labor costs, among other violations. The third party objected to the termination of the agreement.

The dispute was taken up by the Beit Din and GCT attorneys Robert Benjamin, Beverly Berneman and Ashley Orler argued on behalf of Danziger to resolve the claims before the Rabbinic Court in accordance with the laws of the parties’ faith. The Beit Din ruled in favor of Danziger to settle the outstanding invoices owed to them by the third party and to relinquish the copyright and trademark rights under the agreement to Danziger effective immediately.

Representing clients before religious tribunals provides comfort of knowing that the client’s dispute will be resolved within the boundaries of their faith. GCT understands and works with the specific rules and procedures for these tribunals to help achieve successful outcomes.