Seven Questions to Assess Your Recovery Readiness

July 23, 2020

At Golan Christie Taglia, we are committed to helping Chicagoland business owners, executives and individuals recover and re-imagine what comes next in a post-pandemic world. When we entered 2020, we never imagined our community would be challenged in all the ways we’ve witnessed over the last few months.

GCT is here to help. We’ve recently reorganized to be more proactive and responsive to the needs of our clients. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing more about our “GCT 360” approach to helping businesses thrive in the new reality. In the meantime, here are seven questions we encourage you to consider as you assess your own recovery readiness:

  1. What are the potential legal ramifications of ramping up business given the fluidity of the economic reopening and the need to protect yourself from the impact of another wave of the pandemic? For more information, contact Darrin S. Baim, chair of our Corporate & Real Estate Group.

  2. Is your business making the right investments to ensure your workplace culture is safe, inclusive, and compliant with new sexual harassment regulations? For more information, contact Laura A. Balson, chair of our Employment Group.

  3. Which contracts does your business have that might be impacted, what are the defenses or rights that you should be considering and does your insurance cover you from the business interruptions you’ve suffered? For more information, contact Margaret A. Gisch, chair of our Litigation Group.

  4. Are you struggling with mounting debts or wondering how you can protect your own financial interests from customers or tenants who have filed bankruptcy? For more information, contact Robert R. Benjamin, chair of our Restructuring & Bankruptcy Group.

  5. Has your business properly protected the intellectual property you’ve created to either digitally transform your go-to-market strategy or re-design your business model altogether? For more information, contact Beverly A. Berneman, chair of our Intellectual Property Group.

  6. Are your personal estate plan and healthcare directives compliant with new rules and up to date and responsive to the current times? For more information, contact Nancy Franks-Straus, chair of our Estate Planning & Taxation Group.

  7. Have you determined the impact of the pandemic on the value of your real estate and how current market conditions may affect your property taxes? For more information, contact Donald T. Rubin, chair of our Property Tax Group.

With a new reality comes new legal challenges. You need the agility to respond quickly to immediate challenges while remaining focused on your long-term vision. GCT is ready to guide you through the obstacles, rebound from economic loss and make sure you emerge stronger than before.

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