FOCUS: Commercial & Business Litigation

Helping a Client Defend Itself to Reduce Unnecessary Legal Fees

After having been hired by a Web-based start-up venture to do a significant amount of creative work, this client produced and delivered products that were enthusiastically received by the owner of the new firm. Initial payments for services were made on a timely basis. The relationship rapidly soured, however, when the new firm encountered a funding shortfall and stopped paying the bills. The start-up venture complained about expenses and demanded that our client refund the money it had been paid. Golan Christie Taglia’s client refused; the new venture threatened a lawsuit.

Golan Christie Taglia’s attorneys reviewed all pertinent documentation and correspondence between the parties. They quickly determined that the start-up venture had no cause of action. Rather than bill the client for unnecessary fees to defend a baseless lawsuit, Golan Christie Taglia developed a negotiation strategy that the client could employ. Golan Christie Taglia’s attorneys also recommended that the client deal directly with the Web-based business. Armed with the defense outlined by Golan Christie Taglia, the client was able to negotiate a mutual release and avoid additional expenses.

Golan Christie Taglia’s business acumen, sense of fairness and diligent and pragmatic response guided the client behind the scenes to avoid unnecessary legal expenses associated with litigation.