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Doctor Client Facing Breach Of Contract Claim Seeks Second Opinion From GCT, Claim Gets Dismissed

As a doctor, this eventual client is fully aware of how valuable a second opinion can be in serious situations. While facing a breach of services contract claim, the doctor was feeling frustrated and unheard by existing representation and sought out Golan Christie Taglia for a second opinion. The claim was already pending in court and the client, who believed strongly there was no breach of contract, was worried a proper defense was not being pursued aggressively enough. After meeting with the GCT team, who listened intently to the client’s concerns, the client relieved current representation and immediately hired GCT.

Our approach started with taking the time to listen to the client – to not only gain a full understanding of how the claim transpired, but invaluable insight into the client’s assertions that the claim was invalid. After those in-depth conversations and careful review of the case documentation, the GCT team was confident that the client had a strong defense. Using our expertise in defending employers, employees and contractors, the GCT team outlined a plan to attack the plaintiff’s claims through motion practice with the goal being to get the claim dismissed and end the client’s contractual relationship with the plaintiff.

GCT’s motion practice strategy proved successful – the plaintiff dismissed its claim against our client.

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