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GCT’s Multi-Faceted Expertise Achieves Successful Sale Of Family Business And Attracts Buyer As New Client

A couple who had run their family business for more than 50 years, was contemplating selling the business. However, they were feeling overwhelmed with how best to achieve their goal of ensuring that the greatest value possible was passed on to their children as a result of the sale. GCT needed to structure a sales package that worked in conjunction with the specific estate/tax planning needs that the family required be put into place.

Many of GCT’s attorneys have either run or owned their own businesses, and often hold MBAs or CPAs themselves, so are able to effectively act as financial and business advisors in addition to providing legal counsel. By combining invaluable first-hand business experience with in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate and estate planning laws, the GCT team was able to play an active and crucial role in consulting and coordinating with private equity firms and accounting firms to help guide this client every step of the way. This approach ensured that informed, smart business decisions were implemented throughout the process and the resulting sales package was designed to successfully meet all the family’s complex needs and goals.

The sales contract and estate planning strategies GCT created resulted in millions of dollars saved in tax liability for the client and nearly full value of the business realized for the children. After the sale was finalized, the client’s buyer was so impressed with the business and legal acumen that GCT demonstrated, they asked to retain GCT as their own legal counsel going forward.