FOCUS: Reorganization & Bankruptcy

Stop-Gap Measures Lead to Long-Term Solutions

CHALLENGE: Client hired GCT to restructure its business as an importer and reseller of products from China for the marine and automotive industry. The company had been severely affected by the first round of tariffs. In order to maintain operations, the company had borrowed substantial sums from lenders who purchased the client’s accounts receivable but permitted our client to collect the receivables—in a factoring-like solution known otherwise as mercantile lending.

STRATEGY: Our first priority was to find a solution to stabilize the fiscal health of our client’s business as soon as possible. Our client filed for relief under Chapter 11. During the first three months of the Chapter 11, we successfully negotiated cash collateral orders to allow the client to continue its operations. During the course of the case, we helped the client obtain Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) and exit financing.

RESULTS: We were able to confirm a Plan of Reorganization. The plan will pay client’s primary secured lender in full, repay a substantial sum to the under-secured creditors and vendors, and keep scores of people lucratively employed.

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