The Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) was established by Illinois’ Supreme Court to review complaints against lawyers for wrongdoing. Every year, an increasing number of lawyers statewide find themselves called by the commission and are required to defend themselves from misconduct complaints – many unfounded.

Though the idea of mounting a self-defense may seem like an economically wise option, there are often unexpected hurdles that require experienced guidance. This includes the fact that the subject lawyer is often too emotionally involved to see his or her case objectively.

Golan Christie Taglia’s ARDC Defense team is led by attorney Steven J Rosenberg, a highly experienced litigation lawyer who has taken over 100 cases to trial. He has defended over a dozen lawyers facing accusations with the ARDC and provides the guidance those facing the commission seek. Steven understands how to streamline the process and can develop a defense that optimizes practicality and affordability.

ARDC Representation Team