Protecting your Ideas, Brands, and Intangible Assets

Intellectual Property (IP) is a broad term used for intangible business assets. Businesses, as well as individuals, have come to realize the value in their ideas and brands. Golan Christie Taglia offers an integrated approach to the protection, growth and organization of its clients’ Intellectual Property assets.

Protection – We guide you through analyzing and developing appropriate methods of Intellectual Property protection

Growth – We collaborate with you as you grow by offering a wide range of Intellectual Property portfolio management such as Intellectual Property audits and developing Intellectual Property management programs

Organization – We advise you regarding business organizations and management issues whether or not related to Intellectual Property such as organizational structure, sales transactions, financing the development of Intellectual Property and employer/employee relations.


Creative people need copyrights to protect their original works of authorship. Our attorneys are well versed in the following areas:

  • Copyright eligibility analyses
  • Registration of Copyrights for literary works, music compositions and recordings, Websites, computer software, artistic works, multimedia works and compilations
  • Copyright clearance
  • Acquiring rights to use music, art, film and photography
  • Preparing licenses for creation of derivative works
  • Licensing software, other copyrighted material to others
  • Workplace policies and procedures for copying
  • “Fair Use” analysis and advice
  • Copyright infringement litigation

Financing Development of IP

Creators and owners of Intellectual Property assets do not always have the resources to develop them. We can counsel you on the many different methods for financing the development of Intellectual Property assets, such as:

  • Angel agreements
  • Venture capital
  • Strategic alliances
  • Secured transactions
  • Technology escrow agreements
  • Securitization

Internet and E-Commerce

Golan Christie Taglia’s attorneys can help you navigate the legal issues involved in an ever-growing Internet presence in the following ways:

  • URL (Domain Name) registration and dispute resolution
  • Social networking
  • Business-to-Business portal Websites
  • Website usage Terms and Conditions
  • Web “Content” licenses
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance
  • Content licensing agreements
  • Privacy issues
  • Sponsorship and event agreements
  • Trademark and domain name clearance

IP Asset Management

In a business atmosphere of rapid innovation, fierce competition and virtually instant global communication, businesses need to know that their IP assets are properly maintained and protected.
An IP Asset Management system is a must for the modern business, no matter the industry. We can help with:

  • Strategic planning for procuring and extracting value from intellectual capital
  • Trade secret protection programs
  • Intellectual Property portfolio management
  • Intellectual Property risk management
  • Employee agreements for assignment of Intellectual Property rights
  • Procedures for unsolicited submissions
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements and procedures
  • Trademark usage guidelines


Businesses use licensing as a strategy for growth. Golan Christie Taglia attorneys will negotiate and draft licenses whether you are the licensor or the licensee:

  • Patent, trade secret and know-how licenses
  • Software licenses
  • Trademark licenses
  • Copyright licenses and permissions
  • Website consulting and developing agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Intellectual Property licensing strategies and tactics

Trade Secrets

Many creative and dynamic companies realize that their information, methods, formulae, programs and other proprietary materials give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. What makes these companies competitive cannot always be protected by patent or copyright law. We can help you identify these valuable assets as trade secrets and then insure their protection.


Your brand is your key to success in the marketplace. We participate in every level of the development and protection of trademarks. We counsel clients in choosing, registering, maintaining and protecting their trademarks. The following is a sample of the services offered:

  • Trademark and Trade Dress Development
  • Branding Strategies and Trademark Programs
  • Trademark and Trade Dress Counseling, Registration, Licensing and Litigation
  • False Advertising/Unfair Competition Litigation
  • Distribution and Dealership Agreements and Disputes

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