We get to know our clients and their business objectives, and we dedicate ourselves to providing them with the highest level of service on every matter.

– Tony Taglia, Managing Partner


The Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) was established by Illinois’ Supreme Court to review complaints against lawyers for wrongdoing. Every year, an increasing number of lawyers statewide find themselves called by the commission and are required to defend themselves from misconduct complaints – many unfounded.

Though the idea of mounting a self-defense may seem like an economically wise option, there are often unexpected hurdles that require experienced guidance. This includes the fact that the subject lawyer is often too emotionally involved to see his or her case objectively.


Complex civil litigation matters can involve multiple parties, multiple jurisdictions, lengthy trials and highly intricate legal issues, often centered around disputes concerning large amounts of money. Such complexities can be found in:

  • RICO
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Corporate valuations
  • Shareholder lawsuits
  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Breach of contract
  • Securities fraud

While reaching a successful outcome is the end goal, we recognize few clients have unlimited resources to fight legal battles. Golan Christie Taglia prides itself on taking a commonsense approach to developing practical solutions with every case we handle.

Because GCT brings a sense of perspective and proportion to each case, we focus on delivering a cost-effective approach. As a result, our clients don’t experience “over lawyering.” And because of our vast experience handling complex litigation matters, we often know what direction a case will likely take, allowing us to streamline the entire process.


The anti-bribery provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), enacted in 1977, make it unlawful for a U.S. citizen to make payments to foreign officials for the purpose of obtaining business, retaining business, or directing business for any firm or to any person. Companies and persons can be held criminally and civilly responsible for corruption offences committed abroad.

The SEC and DOJ are jointly responsible for enforcing the FCPA. The SEC brings civil enforcement actions against issuers and their officers, directors, employees, and agents. The DOJ criminally prosecutes issuers and their officers, directors, employees, agents, and domestic concerns, as well as foreign persons and entities acting within the US.


Medical negligence (malpractice) and personal injury cases always involve a careful evaluation of medical and legal facts. Proving medical negligence always requires one or more expert opinions to explain why particular conduct was negligent and the economic consequences of that conduct.

When making an accusation of malpractice, being represented by a highly experienced lawyer is essential. Not only must trial evidence be presented in a clear and precise manner, you must anticipate strong push back from a well-funded and vigorous defense.


The Medical Negligence & Personal Injury team at Golan Christie Taglia is led by Steven J Rosenberg, an accomplished civil and criminal litigation lawyer with more than 40 years’ experience handling a wide assortment of complex legal matters. He’s admitted to the bar in both Illinois and California.

Our team has tried and settled more than two dozen medical negligence cases. Examples of the variety of issues we’ve faced include:

  • Failure to diagnose and treat ectopic pregnancy
  • Death due to a hospital’s failure to diagnose a blood clot
  • Cardiac operation on an infant resulting in permanent injury
  • Paralysis due to spinal cord injury during surgery

Because these cases usually involve family or loved ones, we make it a point to be extra sensitive to our clients’ needs while providing practical, clear guidance based on the facts. We provide one-on-one consultation through every step of the process.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a federal agency that enforces the securities laws including the registration and anti-fraud provisions of the Securities Act 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The SEC has broad investigative and enforcement authority and its procedures are often lengthy and complicated. Sworn testimony and extensive document production are common aspects of its enforcement practices.

The SEC Investigations / Accounting & Securities Fraud team at Golan Christie Taglia represents and defends partners at major accounting firms in connection with regulatory audits and investigations. The team is led by Steven J Rosenberg, who once served as Enforcement Attorney for the US Securities and Exchange Commission. He fully understands the ins and outs of both sides of any investigation and has handled nearly thirty cases defending accounting firm partners.

We offer a broad, extensive background representing clients who are the subject of investigations both as targets and witnesses. The diverse range of SEC and fraud matters we’ve handled include:

  • Software revenue recognition
  • Improper depreciation issues
  • Fraudulent financial statements
  • Channel stuffing
  • Improper capitalization of expenses

Golan Christie Taglia prides itself on taking a commonsense approach to develop practical solutions for every client we serve. We bring a balance of perspective and proportion to each case, focusing on delivering the most cost-effective approach to achieving a successful outcome.


White collar crime involves the alleged violation of state and/or federal criminal laws covering such offenses as mail and wire fraud, money laundering, corporate fraud, securities and commodities fraud, mortgage fraud, financial institution fraud, bank fraud and embezzlement, fraud against the government, election law violations, mass marketing fraud, and health care fraud.

Representing clients in these kinds of cases requires the ability to analyze complex fact patterns, evaluate forensic evidence, and anticipate and prepare for trial. To achieve a successful outcome requires experience and perseverance.

Specialty Litigation Counsel Team

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