Balance of Perspective and Proportion to Achieve a Successful Outcome

Condemnation, or eminent domain, is the power of the State and other governmental authorities to take private property for public use.  The eminent domain process is unique.  Golan Christie Taglia is experienced in representing plaintiffs and defendants both pre-litigation and, where necessary, in litigation of condemnation and eminent domain matters before trial and appellate courts.

We represent clients in matters involving condemnation and eminent domain on a regular basis throughout the northern Illinois region.  Our condemnation and eminent domain attorneys have many years of experience working with expert appraisers, engineers, land planners, and other professionals to assess the fair market value of a property and the impact of a public construction project.

Experienced Litigators

We are appointed to handle matters representing condemning bodies, such as governmental agencies which require the acquisition of private property for public highway improvement and construction projects.  We also represents landowners and tenants in matters that involve condemnation proceedings brought against them.  Our experience on both sides of eminent domain litigation enables our attorneys to bring a unique perspective to the table which is beneficial for our clients.  Our Eminent Domain and Condemnation Team is led by David J. Ben-Dov, who has handled these matters for over 15 years, and prides himself on taking a commonsense approach to develop practical, cost-effective solutions for every client he serves.

Eminent Domain & Condemnation Law Team